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US Marine Corps Memorial in Washington DC USA

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Rather than being all things to all veterans, The Bellatorum Foundation aims to take a more focused approach and make a life-changing and lasting impact on a handful of veterans and their families.

Focusing on a single cohort of veterans each year, and providing them with guidance and training designed to help them and their families navigate that difficult first-year transition from military to civilian life.

Military service members often receive high-level training and acquire skill sets that are effectively transferable into the private sector. However, many times these individuals lack formal training and required certifications that would allow them to better pursue opportunities within these private sectors.

The Bellatorum Foundation will provide paid training to veterans to help them acquire these critical skills, while also partnering with other companies to create employment opportunities for the veteran and ensure a pipeline of qualified talent for the companies.

Additionally, our foundation will provide immediate post duty support to create a less stressful transition period in which veterans can more easily assimilate into civilian life, allowing time to secure critical VA benefits and settle their families into a new community.

By taking this more focused approach, and implementing specific real-world training programs, The Bellatorum Foundation hopes to be able to make a real impact on the lives of the veterans that need it the most. We hope you consider joining the cause.

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